Welcome to Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot Air Ballooning is an adventure that will last between three and four hours from start to finish. We meet at the launch site and start with a safety briefing. We will then commence the inflation and you will have an opportunity if you wish to get involved and help the crew ready the balloon for flight.

The flight will last approximately one hour depending on where we are going and where it will be safe to land. No, we do not know where we will go! it is totally dependent on the wind direction on the day

The balloon will be followed by the retrieve vehicles who are in radio contact and when the balloon.has landed it will be packed away and you will be transported back to the launch site for the traditional champagne celebration. You will also be presented with your commemorative certificate.

Ballooning is very weather orientated and we operate within certain safety limits. We obtain the latest forecast before every flight and fine weather does not necessarily mean it is OK to fly. We also need light winds with chance of rain or bad visibility. Your safety and enjoyment are our prime concerns and if the weather does not co-operate and your flight is cancelled we will rebook you as soon as possible.

As a general guideline we advise clothing that you would wear “if going for a walk in the country” including long trousers and walking boots, no high heels or open toed sandals!! A hat may be required as the burner emits radiant heat.

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