18 May

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing For a Newbie.

A lot of people have no idea the number of bloggers in the world who make great passive income through affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, they are looking for ways to make some passive income but do not know anything about this particular model. Well, I’m here now and I’ll tell you about affiliate marketing and also give you some start out tips.

What is Affiliate marketing? The simplest definition for affiliate marketing is the act of referring products to customers and getting paid by the click of the visitor on the link.

Simply put, it is the process of getting paid a commission for referring or recommending a product to your friends and followers. It is one of the best ways of monetizing blogging.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To get started with affiliate marketing, here are four steps that will lead you on your new journey to financial stardom

  • firstly, find a product that you plan to and can promote
  • secondly and importantly you can sign up for their affiliate marketing program
  • get a link for tracking visitors who click your link
  • get a commission every time they buy the product

It’s very easy and I know it sounds like it’s a lot of processing to go through but it is really not that difficult. Just before you jump in, I think I’ll understand where you’re coming from if you ask how to find the products to promote. It’s not out of place to have such pending questions in mind; here are the answers you seek.