21 Aug

Experience Riding the Hot Air Balloon for the First Time  

Have you ever thought you could ride a hot air balloon all by yourself? Are you ready to experience riding a hot air balloon for the first time? First things first is you need to know the basic steps and tips with brief explanation on how you should properly ride a hot air balloon to help you get prepared and be alert when emergency situation occur. Here’s how you should do it:


Boots or Sneakers – Riding a hot air balloon, for others, is just a normal ride. But when it is your first time riding a hot air balloon and if you are all alone, you need to know the basic clothing to wear. For first timers, we will never know where we will going to land, if it is muddy or normally the landing place in a hot air balloon is wet. It is important to protect our precious feet from grass burrs so we need to wear boots or thick sneakers with high socks for safety measures.

Pants – When you are about to ride the hot air balloon, of course you are going to climb in and out so it is really important to have a proper clothing that allows you to bend easily and stretchable too.

Hat – In a hot air balloon, as you can see, there is a burner and additionally, the heat of the sun will strike you through so it is better to put a hat on. You should choose between a cap and hat that can hold back your hair especially for women so that you can see the view exquisitely.

Clothing that depends on the weather – When you notice that the weather is cold or extremely hot, layered clothing and jackets are appropriate to wear. If you like wearing tank tops or t-shirts when riding hot air balloons during summer, be sure you apply sunscreen in your skin to avoid sunburn.


Go with the flow – Once you are ready with your riding attire, you need to learn the launch process too. Once you meet your pilot and crew, you should definitely go with to the launch site.

Be on time for the call – It is important to be on time to meeting site so that launch isn’t delayed and the full flight time can be experienced. One time our friend was so late to arrive in the launch site, we took off without her and she regretted that time.

Use the restroom before the flight – And the important thing you need to do is use the restroom before leaving for launch site. Remember, there are no restrooms up above once you are on your way.

Enjoy the ride – Once you are inside the hot air balloon pad, keep calm, just enjoy the view and do not loiter with your fellow group so that you can avoid any accidents. Always listen to the pilot and crew to ensure safety.

When you have already remembered all of this, you are definitely ready to ride your first ever hot air balloon experience now. Just remember that every experience is unique and we go where the wind takes us. Trust your crew, the pilot and enjoy the flight!