21 Mar

Hot Air Balloon Adventures!

What adventure are you digging into lately?


I would really say it’s one of the toughest and the greatest experience of my life that I would definitely put on top of my adventure list for next year.

Are you wondering what I am talking about? Well, today, I am going to walk you through my whole experience riding and getting the flight of my life in a hot air balloon. Yes, I have already experienced riding a hot air balloon and to tell you honestly, it was like riding the clouds. It is definitely a dream come true for me and to my friends too. Now, let’s get started.

Let me ask you this, have you ever tried riding a hot air balloon before? As you can see in the internet, there are different kinds of hot air balloons made that depends on the country or the maker’s design as well. I had the luckiest day that time because I had the chance to ride the Virgin Balloon Flights in which I have seen the beautiful view of the whole UK as I have never seen it before. I was really mesmerized aside from the fact that I am riding a hot air balloon for the first time. It was definitely a thrilling experience and then I got carried away in a hot air balloon all the way near the clouds. How cool is that? I couldn’t contain myself that time.

It was amazing and the ride prices are awesome too. The adult price range from £80 to £110 and the child price range from £79 to £65. It’s really affordable and can be enjoyed by families and friends all over the world. The good thing about it is that they take the flight first thing in the morning in which you can enjoy watching the sunrise all over the country. Next time I will share with you some of my pictures taken during the ride.

Aside from all the excitement and beautiful sceneries the hot air balloon offers to everyone, they are also fully equipped to fly mornings and evenings, 7 days a week from all over the country during flying season which is really great. They also fly their balloons all over England, Scotland and Wales which is really amazing.

The last time we’ve ride the hot air balloon is when we are in England and it was really an amazing experience ever. When you are planning to look for balloon flights in UK on the web, make sure you also consider the wind directions and wind speeds before you book your flights. The first time I have booked a hot air balloon rides, I look at the news, search online of the weather for the said date and then look for a reliable source to book and pay the scheduled date. Fast forward — it’s FUN. Like seriously.

-Emilia Wilson