18 May

How Do I Get Products To Promote?

It is pretty easy to decide to promote just about anything you feel like you can promote. Yes, it could work that way but, you don’t just go around promoting just about anything. Here are some questions to guide your selection of a product to promote.

  • am I a user of the product?
  • will my followers and the majority benefit anything from buying the product?
  • is it easy to buy this product?
  • what commission do I get from referring this product?

Well, the last question is not really compulsory, but you can add it to give you a perfect guideline on getting a product to promote.

There are two three types of products to promote

Physical Products, Information Products, and Services.

Now that you have set a guideline, you have to know your audience and know what suits you best.

You already have an idea about this, but here’s a short and clear explanation to aid your selection.

Physical product: these are products that are easy to recommend because you can easily find them on online markets Luke Amazon. So It is pretty easy to sign up with their affiliate program. Commission gotten here is not really so much but then, let’s take baby steps, shall we?

Information Products These are products usually recommended by bloggers and publishers. They’re usually informative products that teach people how to do certain things and these usually bring higher commissions.


I employ a lot of services when it comes to work so I guarantee that anyone who knows the value will be interested in the purchase of services too. So the recommendation of services will get you as much commission as every other service will bring. In addition to the fact that it will benefit those around.

Conclusion This is just a starter for you but I’m certain you’ll enjoy this business path a lot more. It works for every blogger who is dedicated to making it work. As earlier stated, affiliate marketing is one way to get passive income. There’s more if you’re interested, but digest this and thank me later.