21 Apr

Riding a Hot Air Balloon

I absolutely loved my experience, which was a present for me from my Dad. I asked why did he bought that as a birthday present, I didn’t asked for that in the first place, he just told me “Secret, just enjoy the ride and you will feel great” at the back of my mind, my dad is really strange.  Maybe because he already had the experience in that ride or maybe because he enjoyed it, so that’s why he bought that for me. Well it’s for me to find out.

There were questions that really bothers me about the ride or how could I react if I’m already there.

What would I wear?

Funny thing is that I really don’t know what to wear, but I decided to wear a jacket because I thought it will be that cold. For a hot air balloon to fly or to work it needs a balloon’s burners and open flames, so surprisingly it’s very H-O-T even if its windy, I felt really warm. But still I enjoyed it.

Is hot air ballooning safe?

It’s absolutely safe! Pilots were very professional and they really give an instruction on what we will do if something happen and they provide safety gear, too.

Where would it land?

This is my favourite part! Know why? Because I thought it would be the same as the airplane landed but it’s not. What I did was I squat to ensure that I will be safe but the pilot gives an instruction for us to be safe. Landings are likely to be a wee bit bumpy, but all I can say is that “expect the unexpected landing”. Because we landed at the sea side.

Can I take a “Selfie” during the ride or can take some pictures?

I wonder on how I could possibly take some photos because I’m scared that my phone will fall, so I asked one of their staff if I can possibly take some photos during the ride and she answered a big YES. She then gave me a wrist strap for my phone to secure it and I started to capture those awesome views, without worrying that my phone will fall.

How could I enjoy the ride?

Since I’m really into Mother Nature, I definitely enjoyed the ride. It was lovely seeing the mountains, the houses, seas, and the people are getting smaller as the balloons went up, and the busy cities. It’s really fascinating as soon as you’re on top. I felt that I can barely touch the clouds and I can feel the heat of the sun which is quite really hot. It was really fun!

I thought that it would be very boring on riding a hot air balloon because it not like a roller coaster ride, or a zipline ride, but it’s not, for real. How about you? Did you experience the same thing like I do? Or something more fantastic? Share your experience  here, too.